We are so excited you want to participate in Indie Eastside!

Quick Deets:
Saturday, November 25, 2017, from 11-5
25+ awesome indie brands (like you!)
Carefully curated to avoid similar vendors
500+ eager shoppers
Zero application fee; you'll pay 10% of sales at end of day
Free on-street parking
Friday load-in available if needed

Located inside the No Tox Life soap factory

Let's get started!
What is your name? (We'll ask for your business info next.) *

What is the name of your business? (The company name you use with the public.) *

What is your phone number? (How can we best reach you by phone?) *

Your Website? (Where can we buy your products online?) *

(If you answered "other," what do you sell?)

Your Instagram account? (We will tag you in our promotions!) *

Your Facebook Page?

Your Etsy store?

What is the price range of your products? (Give us a minimum / maximum range.) *

Where are your products made? (We are particularly interested in "made in Los Angeles" brands.) *

Do you require an electrical outlet? (There is very limited electricity available.) *

Any special needs for your booth or setup?

Do you have a product you would like to contribute to a Swag Bag for attendees? *

The first 150 RSVPs will be receiving a Vegan Swag Bag when they arrive. This is an awesome way to let people sample your products. We want small, sample-sized products with your cost being $0.50 - $3. We do not require you provide it for all 150 bags, but a minimum of 25 items is requested!
If you cannot contribute a small, sample-sized product for the Swag Bag, can you contribute a special coupon for those 150 lucky people?

Examples: Exclusive Coupons, Promo Codes
This is a brand-new holiday event. We are indie makers like you, and want to attract 500 eager local shoppers to attend.

Are you willing to promote this event on all your channels, multiple times, upon acceptance?

We will provide digital and print postcards, but you need to be our "street team" and get the word out far and wide.

Do you accept? *

If you're the vendor with the best pre-event promotion, you will have your 10% booth fee waived.
Terms & Conditions (this is the fine print and it's important!) *

By clicking "I Accept," Vendor (you) state you have completed this application fully and truthfully and have not falsified details. (Incomplete or falsified applications will be denied.)

You agree to promote this market like crazy! We expect you to spread the word as if it's the most important market of the year. Your efforts will help us attract the most amazing 500 eager shoppers who want to buy your goodies!

This is not a charity event, we want you to make MONEY. Promote it like it's the bomb, and we'll all be super thrilled when more than 500 people show up to shop that day!

You agree to allow us to take pictures of you, your booth, and your product to be used for promotional purposes.

You allow us to use your existing social media photos to promote Indie Eastside (with photo credit to you, of course!). Let us know if additional photo credits are needed so we can do that for you.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Indie Eastside and No Tox Life from liability for any damages or loss to you, your employees / contractors, or your products while participating in Indie Eastside, including during setup and breakdown.

You agree to accurately collect and remit California sales tax on all sales. You will provide proof of the day's sales at the end of the market, and will pay your 10% booth fee before you leave that day.

Click "I accept" and then "Submit" to send your application. We can't wait to see it!
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